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LostPhrack: The Sexiest Antidepressant

Some anime/manga news..

In case you missed it, Blade of the Immortal is becoming an anime. It was officially announced a few months back and the first promo video popped up on youtube not long after. Unfortunately it was filmed at a con with a hand held so there was some glare, the picture wasn't the greatest, and you couldn't hear the video's audio.

Well, now that same promo's been posted at the anime series official website!

Blade of the Immortal anime promo

Secondly, the first volume of the Viz Big edition of Ruroni Kenshin is now available. It's the first three volumes of the manga in one oversized package for about $18 or so, color pages, cover flaps, nice paper stock, etc.

The first volume of the Viz Big edition of Vagabond is slated for an August/September release. It too will collect the first three volumes of the series in an oversized package, and should be clocking in at about $20.

On the live action front.. a trailer is up for the movie, Ichi.

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