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Random Samurai Related Stuff..

There's currently a rumor circulating that there's a live action movie and anime series based upon Blade of the Immortal in the works. This entry at thegathering has links with a little more news in them.

Speaking of Blade of the Immortal, in case you missed it, the monthly series from Dark Horse has come to an end. From here on out it's TPB format only. The next few volumes will be reprinting material that's already appeared in the monthly. Word is that vol. 20 will be the first volume to contain all new material, making it a nice jumping on point for monthly readers. Of course given the BotI release schedule, that probably won't be out until next year.

Viz is getting to set to release a line of omnibus style manga books. Each volume will contain 2 - 3 standard volumes in them. Two that might be of interest to this community are Rurouni Kenshin and Vagabond. The first Kenshin volume should be out May, but word is that the first Vagabond volume won't come out until Sept. Each volume is supposed to cost about $18, which just shade under the price of two standard volumes for some of their series.

The first volume of The Yagyu Ninja Scroll is now out. It's another Masaki (Basilisk) Segawa adaption of a Futaro Yamada novel. Maybe if this does as well as Basilisk did they'll release the original novel over here too.

Speaking of Basilisk, apparently IFC will be rerunning the series starting Jan. 10th at 8:30 PM EST.

Hope folks are having a good holiday season!

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