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Lone Wolf and Cub TV Series

From ANN...

Media Blasters Confirms 1973 Lone Wolf & Cub License

Media Blasters has confirmed that it licensed the original 1973-1976 Lone Wolf and Cub live-action television series. The 79-episode period drama stars Kinnosuke Yorozuya as a samurai who wanders Japan with his son to seek vengeance after his wife's murder. Like the other television and movie adaptations, it is based on Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima's manga that Japan's Futabasha and America's Dark Horse Comics still publish to this day.

Very cool!

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wow - I hope we get that over here in the UK too... :)
Have you gotten the other MB live action releases over there?
Not that I have seen. :(
Eep, well.. might be out of luck then. :( Then again, I haven't really seen the Zatoichi TV series around here either so maybe you're local stores just aren't carrying them..? Check amazon.uk and stuff!